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Working with Kamilah was an absolute essential to getting my counseling business off the ground. I love how she was extremely professional and organized about her approach to providing tailor made services that met my needs. Additionally, she is well versed in many of the technologies needed to help one create a product that is high quality. I plan to use the information and wisdom she taught me with future clients as her work was invaluable.

I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to free themselves from their mundane life of a job and desires to walk in their purpose.



Dr. Keith Ekhator, LCSW, LSSW, CCTP


Founder Ekhator Consulting Services



Chief Impact Architect

Strategy Ninja for Creative Social Impact Leaders


Speaker | Event Producer | Avant-Garde Marketing Maven

Kamilah Sanders is founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal an international whole person, vision-based business and executive marketing strategy agency Making Impact Easy for creative social impact founders and disrupting global systems to foster equity and empathy.


Your Strategic Advisor

With over 20 years of experience, including 15 years in executive leadership, I am backed by a career of crafting strategies that have generated over $1 billion in total revenue opportunities for Fortune 500 corporations. My expertise extends beyond the boardroom, serving as an advisor to founders of impactful projects and organizations such as Museum of Presence, Hydrate the Hood, Creative Artists of Tennessee, Daybreak Arts, Creatives Day, and 80/20 Social to name a few.

I "Stand Up" Organizations

What sets me apart is my unique approach where my expertise shines in high-pressure strategic problem-solving and crisis management situations. I have a track record of standing up organizations, bringing order to chaos and revitalizing organizations getting them back on track toward the founders vision. I don't just understand solid business practices; I have the uncanny ability to draw out your best self, effectively 10X-ing not just your business but also your mindset.

Marketing Unicorn

Through my 20+ years of experience in marketing and executive leadership, I've had well-rounded experiences in all aspects of marketing. My expertise comes from putting in the work for over 25 years. When you approach me for one solution, I am not just thinking about that solution in a silo. I am thinking of the solution in a strategic manner considering all of the aspects of your business that integrates into that solution and not just within the realm of marketing. 

Who I Work With

I work with Social Impact founders, entrepreneurs, and organizations that have big visions and share my Core Values:

Empathy | Creativity | Innovation | Excellence | Authenticity | Genuine Connection | Passion | Gratitude | Joy

Not only do the creatives that I work with think way outside the box, they have huge visions that they know the power of community can help bring to life.

Most clients approach me with what they have called a "mess" but I call it an opportunity, as I specialize in high-pressure strategic problem solving.


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Social Impact Projects Include

Marketing Strategy Focused Board Member, Hydrate the Hood

Advisor, Museum of Presence

Content Curator, Nashville Design Week

Sustainable Fashion Collaboration, Catalyst 2030

Strategic Advisor, Just Play Entertainment

Co-Host, AI for Creatives Podcast

Host, Fashion Futurist Podcast

Past Projects Include

Artist Lead, DayBreak Arts Illuminate Art Gala

Branding and Leadership Advisor, Daybreak Arts

Marketing and Operations Advisor, Creatives’ Day

Board President and Communications Chair, Tennessee Craft Midstate

Creative Exchange Event Logistics Committee; Mentor, Speaker for Periscope Accelerator and Arts Board Matching Programs Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville

Community Events Include

Fashioning Our World Together: Web3 Networking Party hosted by Greater Than Equal at Gear Seven - Nashville Design Week

Into the Metaverse Phygital Art Reception¬†hosted by Greater Than Equal¬†at C√ę Gallery¬†- Nashville Design Week

WE Fest (William Edmonson Arts and Culture Festival)

Just Play Entertainment Juneteenth Block Party

As Seen In...

How to Work With Me

I always enjoy working with Kamilah Sanders on education programs and professional development opportunities for the creative community in Nashville. She’s a dynamic speaker whose talks are not only thought-provoking but actionable. She prioritizes equity and justice and she uses her expertise in human behavior and relationship-building to inspire creatives to make a social impact with their work. Whether she’s speaking about entrepreneurship, sustainable fashion, or artivism, she reminds us all to connect our path to our purpose to make change in the world.



Jonathan Harwell-Dye

Director of Programs, Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville

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LIVE Workshop: Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Life and Business

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Are you looking for a plan to follow to accomplish your goals? Whether you are an individual artist, founder, or organization join this workshop to to get on the path to your vision. Get tools and resources to help you develop a business and life strategy to get you where you want to go.



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As part of our Simplified Retail Model Elite MasterClass experience, we host an exclusive Slow MasterMind session each month where we invite a distinguished guest speaker to connect with & inspire our community towards a positive-impact driven lifestyle. As part of our Human Marketing edition, we had the pleasure of inviting Kamilah Sanders, who inspired us in the space of human-centric marketing strategies that bring the human touch back into the way do business. Kamilah is experienced & sincere, we look forward to following her journey as she continues to make strides in the space of positive-impact businesses.


Farah Ragheb

Founder & Director, The Simplified Retail Model/Buena--Onda

Impact Accelerator 

Group Coaching Community

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Do you have a huge vision to impact the world and know you want to make an impact on the world and know you need a strategy to get there? Are you a founder passionate about a cause but stifled because of lack of resources and human capital? What if I told you that right now you have everything you need to get to the next stage in your life, in your organization, one step at a time.

Being a marketing unicorn with a mix of experience and training in leadership, human resources, organizational development, and more, I can help you maximize your impact. The world needs you as soon as possible to get on the path to make an impact by aligning with your purpose and I have the plan that works.

When you join the Impact Accelerator community and you’ll get live consulting + coaching packed with information and action items to help you maximize your impact and get on the path to accelerate your impact. 

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Strategy Session

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You have a huge idea on how you can impact the world but you need an organized strategy to get on your path. Work with me to develop and implement a solid action plan. Let's turn your vision to reality! Know where you want to go but have no idea how to get there? You need creative solutions. Let us help you expand and organize your ideas so you can move forward with viable solutions. We work with individual entrepreneurs and large teams. Schedule a one-on-one 60-min Strategy Call today!



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Kamilah not only provided her marketing expertise, but she also brought a unique perspective that allowed us to see beyond our typical scope. I was impressed by her process and the work she dedicated to our rebrand. As we worked with Kamilah, she helped us put all of our ideas together and added her marketing experience to help us develop an inclusive and empowering brand that is finally getting implemented.

 In addition to providing practical and applicable feedback about branding, she also supported us and validated our concerns and frustrations as we navigated the unfamiliar territory of managing the various stakeholder perspectives from our clients to Board members to our own.

Kamilah was an invaluable resource during our rebranding process, and I hope that we can work with her in a greater capacity in the future.



Nicole Brandt Minyard

Founder & Executive Director of Daybreak Arts (formerly ‚ÄúPoverty and the Arts‚ÄĚ)

Impact Catalyst Strategic Accelerator

Small/Start Up Business Consulting + Coaching


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your business growth journey? Do you find yourself struggling to overcome obstacles and unlock your business's full potential? Our Impact Catalyst Strategic Accelerator is here to help. Tailored to address the pain points of entrepreneurs like you, this comprehensive consulting solution offers strategic guidance, actionable insights, and ongoing support to propel your business forward and achieve sustainable growth.

Don't let challenges hold you back from achieving your business goals. Take proactive steps today to unlock your business's full potential.

Discover how we can help transform your business trajectory and set you on the path to sustained growth and profitability.

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Impact Catalyst Mastermind

Experience exponential growth with an intimate network of creative leaders impacting the world. 


Engage in strategic discussions, global networking, and innovative solutions, shaping a legacy that transcends. Navigate leadership evolution, diversify revenue streams, and explore impactful philanthropy. This transformative journey offers advanced insights, collaborative energy, and visionary leadership to elevate your legacy.

Join a community of founders and entrepreneurs committed to profound impact and lasting success in the ever-evolving landscape of business. Seize the opportunity to redefine your narrative and leave an enduring mark on the creative industry and the world.

Limited capacity. Application required.


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1:1 Consulting + Coaching


Are you ready to 10X your impact?

You are a leader. You are an entrepreneur. You need everything. You need help developing your brand. You need help building your tribe, connecting with your community, shaping your organization. You need help managing people. You need coaching and development as a leader. You need to clarify your vision, mission, goals. You need a strategy. You need results. You need an image architect. You need help with promotion, website, social media, marketing ‚Äď the whole, entire thing. With our expertise we can help you solidify your foundation and provide an organized approach to accomplishing your goals. Specializing in multifaceted leaders, we add focus to your vision. If you are ready to dive into your purpose and maximize your impact on the world, we are ready for you. Our brand consulting solutions provide multidisciplinary expertise to take you further than you dreamed possible. Now is the time. Let‚Äôs partner.

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Working with Kamilah has been an incredible experience. Her creative vision and knack for connecting people have significantly elevated our business. Her expertise in strategic placement and understanding the essence of ‚Äúwho‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúwhat‚ÄĚ belongs where has truly revolutionized our approach. Without a doubt, we wholeheartedly endorse Kamilah for any creative business endeavor.



Kevin and Jade Bazile

Founder/CEO - 80/20 Fitness, 80/20 Social

Customized Project Package

Bring Your Vision To Life

Many organizations experience growth and then find themselves at a standstill either because they have reached the end of their internal expertise or they are not seeing the issues an outside consultant can quickly identify. Consulting is solution-focused and leans on the expertise of the consultant to problem solve. We start with your vision to ensure a solid foundation. Then we take a look at the entire organization to implement an effective, lasting solution. You receive solutions from a trained and experienced professional, adept in the multiple areas of branding, marketing, leadership, human resources and organizational development.


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Don’t have the budget to hire internal experienced talent? We offer a monthly retainer where you can access an expert with 20 years of experience implementing successful marketing strategies. This will not only serve as training for your staff but ensures you are following best practices and creative insight to increase your impact. This option is ideal to supplement your current marketing team or for entrepreneurs with smaller organizations that are ready to put in the work but don’t have the necessary marketing expertise. Pictured: You finally having more time, reduced stress, and impactful results from working with me.


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We are grateful that you chose to return to our Girl Action Team to inspire mindfulness and self-reflection. The girls really enjoyed telling their stories and talking about their strengths and how they can apply them to change the world! The support and participation from community members like you make it possible for our organization to exist and make the communities we serve stronger.



Grace Burns

Girls For A Change


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